Irish Website Design

Many Irish businesses make the mistake of not investing in their online presence publishing poor quality sites and in the process cause damage to their brand and company name. Your website is your shop - in the real world you would not design an unsightly business premises in the belief that it doesn't matter, the same applies to the Internet. You must have a unique and outstanding website regardless of your product or business type.

We also find many Irish businesses do not have online trading tools and so it is the equivilent of having a shop without a shop keeper! While information websites can be useful in the grand scheme of things they are seldom of any interest to a client.

Is a website important in Ireland?

3 out of 4 Irish homes have internet access with 71.4% of all Irish people using the internet regularly. Yet only 22.9% of small to medium Irish businesses are actually trading online therefore 3 out of 4 Irish businesses are missing out on massive trading potential

Key statistics on digital engagement

· About one adult in five - age 16-74 - (21%) has never used the internet.*

· 71.4% of adults use the internet regularly (at least once a week)*

· There are computers in 3 out of 4 homes (74.3%)#

· About 1 home in 4 (26.4%) does not have an internet connection. #

· Two thirds of homes (65.29%) had a broadband connection (2011) #

· 42.8% of the population ordered goods or services on-line (2011) *

· 40.3% of the population participated in social networks in 2011 *

· Less than 1 in 4 (22.9%) of SMEs were selling on-line in 2011. *

[Sources * = Eurostat – from DAE Scoreboard for 2012, # = CSO Census of Ireland 2011 (data collected April 2011)]

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