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Irish PABX phone voip custom service

Coder Consultants is a licenced Irish telecom and specialise in advanced cloud-based telecom application solutions for business of all sizes. We can design and develop for you the perfect outsourced and managed phone system that runs from The Cloud. Regardless of your office size we have a solution that can benefit your business.

Do you have an outdated physical phone switch that is inflexible and difficult to work with? Have you ever wanted to hotdesk between locations, seemlessly move from your phone to your landline, take credit card payments by phone, drastically cut down your phone bills by selecting multiple voice carriers for least cost call routing? We have the solution to suit your needs.

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Invisable PABX Phone System Service

We can completely replace your out-dated phone system with a cloud based solution that is set up and managed by us. This allows you to focus on your business and let us manage your telecom needs.

You can take your work extension with you as your work phone operates from the cloud so you are no longer stuck at your office! Your phone number will follow you no matter where you are at.

Business Cloud Phone Features
Invisible Cloud-based Centrix Phone Systems
You will no longer need to manage a costly outdated phone switch or spend large amounts of money having an onsite engineer out to set up extensions. Our phone service works on the Cloud so all you need to do is tell us how you want your phone system to operate and we will do the rest allowing you time to get on with your business. Take calls at your desk, mobile, computer or anywhere around the world.
Telephone Applications
Perhaps you have a product or service that you wish to sell by telephone but do not have the staffing resources to take the calls. With this service your phone system will take the call and carry out the transaction for you. For example, you could be a charity wishing to sell tickets in which case you need your phone system to manage the call, take payment for the serivce and take the details of the sale. You could then email a recording of the callers name and details to you.
Call Menus
Direct and route your calls throughout your business automatically by allowing your callers to direct their calls themselves with options. For example: Press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts etc...
Free yourself from the office
Our cloud phone service allows you to take your desk phone with you anywhere in the world. Perhaps you would like to work from home in which case all you need to do is take your phone handset with you. Or perhaps you would like your phone service to follow you on your mobile while you are out of the office. Whatever your needs our phone service can follow you.
Integrated to your business systems
We can build just about any phone service to suit your needs. Perhaps you would like to integrate your reception to your website so users know when your staff are available or engaged on calls, or maybe you would like an option on your website that connects your business to your clients at the touch of a button. Our developers can produce the perfect service just for you.
Call Queueing
Maximise on your existing staff resources and never miss a call again by adding groups of staff in a queue service. When a call comes through when your staff are already busy on calls or out of the office rather than getting an engaged tone your client will be put on a queue on hold until your staff are available. With this service you can say goodbye to engaged tones!
Call Statistics
Get detailed call stats emailed automatically to you or view up to date call statistics online.
Dynamic Call Routing
Perhaps you would like calls to go to voicemail during lunch times and when the office closes automatically. Or perhaps you would like your phone to send calls to a designated mobile after hours. Whatever your call routing needs we can develop a system to suit you.
Call Recording
We can provide digital call recording services that allow you to monitor and store conversations for quality and training needs.
Call Monitoring
Listen to live calls.
Multi-party calling
Bridge calls with multiple people within your organisation or outside to any phone.
SMS Integration
Alert your staff of missed calls, have daily call stats sent to you or a group of numbers, text clients information about call services.